Custom draperies, blinds and shutters

Whether you are moving into a new house or redoing your old space, there are a few decor elements that you simply cannot ignore. And the window dressings are one of the most crucial. Window dressings can set the tone of the room and pull all the other elements together. They offer the perfect opportunity to highlight the unique architecture of a room and to draw attention to a specific frame. They also have incredible functionality. They allow you to take advantage of the bright natural light by letting it in or completely block it out when the need arises. They play a pivotal role in keeping your living space warm during winter and cool during the warmer months. There is nothing like custom draperies and blinds to add a personal touch to your home decor and lend an understated layer of color and texture to the whole space.
So, if you are undertaking a living room or bedroom makeover or planning to move into your new home, we can dress up your windows with premium-quality custom draperies, blinds and shutters that will help set the ambience, block out sunlight or maintain privacy.
Window dressings are central to a room’s character and draperies add to its charm. Custom draperies from Lafayette Interior Fashions® can be made to be pleated, puddled, tied, or even all three at once. Instead of pleats, opt for grommets, button holes or tabs. The design options are endless with over twenty drapery styles offered and custom options such as decorative trim, pleat style or banding.


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