Many homeowners feel anxious and overwhelmed when decorating and deciding on window treatments.  Many are afraid of making a mistake but no need to worry!  Follow these tips and designing a new look for your windows will be fun and easy.

How to begin – Most homeowners want their windows to be practical as well as add beauty to their home.  What kind of mood do you want to set?  If it’s cozy, then choose textured fabrics and a tailored shape.  If  you prefer a dramatic look, then choose a contemporary style with bold colors and sleek lines.  For a romantic mood, choose soft sheers or silky fabrics.

Decorative Qualities – Most people want their windows to look beautiful as well as be practical.  Think about what kind of mood you want to achieve.  Do you want your space to be cozy?  Then choose textured fabrics with a tailored shape.  If you want a contemporary and dramatic style, then choose bold colors with sleek lines.  Choose soft sheers or silky fabrics for a romantic mood. If you value your privacy, blackout shades for bedrooms are the perfect choice for you.

Energy Efficient –  Energy-efficient window treatments are available to help you save money and from being too cold in winter and too hot in the summer.  Honeycomb shades offer good insulation and have a very high R-value.  Ask the professionals at Mk Window Treatments for recommendations  on energy-efficient window coverings.

Light Control – Opaque or blackout shades for bedrooms and living rooms completely block out the sun. One of the best options for blocking light are blackout cellular shades.

Privacy –  Blinds and shades, especially blackout shades offer some level of privacy. Horizontal and vertical blinds can be angled to allow light while giving you privacy. Check that the opacity is high enough when choosing a shade so that others cannot see into your room at night. Window treatments can fit your sense and style and still be functional and energy-efficient.