Here are a few economical tips to create warmth in your home without spending a bundle!

Construct conversation areas

Put your furniture basically your chairs, couch or loveseat into U or L shaped designs, adding side tables to the corners.  Move these pieces away from walls towards the center of the room to create  feeling of coziness

Make use of textures

A variety of textured fabrics such as chenille, wood, or suede adds instant warmth and comfort to a room.  Place comfy down pillows on a chair or decorate the sofa with a soft throw.  Try hanging a tapestry rug on the wall.  Your will feel the transformation immediately.

Choose energy-efficient window coverings

Installing cellular shades, shutters or la lined fabric treatment correctly, is another technique that will help you increase room temperature and help you save money on your energy bill.  This type of window covering keeps cold air from coming in through your windows.

Warm color accessories

Did you know that orange, yellow, and red are scientifically proven colors that warm up your emotions?  Apply these colors to your accessories like pillows, candles, coasters and other decorative items.  You can swap out your colored accessories according to the season.

With these simple changes, when there is a chill in the air, your home will feel more cozy, warm and comfortable.