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If you are looking for cost-effective window treatments for your windows, you might want to consider horizontal aluminum window blinds. Their affordable price makes them a great option for those who want to cover up their windows on a budget. But that’s not all. Aluminum blinds have become increasingly popular in the last few years also because of their incredible functionality. Not only that, when taken care of properly, they can last for years. And while you can still find classic metal blinds for sale, there are much more innovative and upgraded designs today that are making them more practical and stylish than ever.

Available in a range of different slat sizes, these blinds have the power to transform your room from bright and airy to comfortingly private in an instant. They can withstand prolonged exposure to sun as well as humidity, making them the perfect choice for bathrooms, patios, over the sink and so on.

With our selection of the best aluminum blinds, finding the right fit for your home couldn’t be easier. We offer an array of beautiful styles and colors, so whether you are looking for mini blinds for large windows or small ones, here you are sure to find the perfect aluminum blinds to tie the look of your home together.


A lot of clients opt for aluminum blinds from Lafayette Interior Fashions® because they’re practical, affordable, and they look great. These feathery light, multi-purpose beauties come in ½” micro, 1” mini and 2” premium slat sizes, personalized for you. Additionally, they are quick and easy to adjust the light in your home or office.


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